Waterproofing (wet areas, roofs, decks, facades and retaining walls)

For internal wet areas we conform to all BCI, BRANZ, Australian and International standards for application of liquid or sheet membranes to showers, bathrooms, toilets, laundry, balconies, lift wells, retaining walls and planter boxes. Positive and negative side solutions available.

For roofs we offer UV stable sheet or liquid applied membranes to colours of choice.

Similarly for decks. Whether trafficable, or under tile or under a screed an appropriate membrane is available to meet the client requirements.

For facades we offer liquid applied high performance membranes in satin or matt to meet the colour requirement of the client. These offer much more durable, crack bridging solutions than conventional exterior coatings.

For retaining walls our primary system is an instant set high build spray on membrane with 3mm thickness and stretch before tear of 1000% it offers excellent protection for new build applications block wall or tilt up concrete.

We also offer as required sheet membranes, drainage mats etc. Where water tables are high, we offer complete tanking solutions using welded or adhered sheet membranes or bentonite/ geofabric sheet membranes