Concrete repair

Our concrete repair capabilities include preparation by hydro demolition, mechanical demolition, grit blasting. We employ anode protection of repairs- particularly on marine structure works. All degraded reinforcing is replaced with like or alternative structure reinforcing (such as carbon fibre) where appropriate. For rebuild we employ box and pour, shotcrete, gunnite and hand applied mortar and epoxy systems

Line and pavement marking

For roadways, bicycle lanes, car parks, warehouses, distribution centres, factory and commercial facility safety marking, sports facilities.

Hydro Demolition

One of the most effective preparation of concrete for long term repair in aggressive environments.

Designer floors

For that first impression and image statement your floor desires.

Bunds (Coating and repair)

Rebuild and repair using epoxies and cement based systems. The selection and application of specialised chemical, heat, impact resistant coatings

Architectural facades

Includes concrete repair, protective coatings, installation of feature mouldings to change appearance, strengthening and stabilisation

Anchoring (CINTEC, ARCHTEC, Rock bolt, Soil nails, mesh and shotcrete)

CINTEC and ARCHTEC comprise the installation of specialised stainless steel anchor and grout system and associated engineering allows us to stabilise and substantially strengthen heritage structures for the long term.

Waterproofing (wet areas, roofs, decks, facades and retaining walls)

For internal wet areas we conform to all BCI, BRANZ, Australian and International standards for application of liquid or sheet membranes to showers, bathrooms, toilets, laundry, balconies, lift wells, retaining walls and planter boxes. Positive and negative side solutions available

Technical coating

We offer a technical coating service that includes the preparation and painting of steel and concrete structures to meet specific requirements

Grouting (epoxy, Cement based, expansive jacking and demolition)

Stable precision support for dynamic or static load bearing using cement or epoxy based grouts above ground , underground and underwater.

Floors (Industrial, processing, warehouse, wet areas, retail, commercial)

Working closely with the client we offer resin, cement and polyurethane cement based floor finishes to meet just about any environment or requirement.

Carbon, Kevlar and steel structural reinforcing

Used where structures need improved load bearing capacity, shock resistance, dissipation of localised stress.

Bridges and Wharves (coating, repair, strengthening)

We offer an extensive capability in concrete repair, anode protection, specialised coatings to protect against attack from chlorides and carbonation. Preparation includes best practice hydro demolition. Strengthening includes engineered specialised anchor installation, application of carbon fibre laminate and fabric etc.