Maintenance Systems offers a range of specialised services for the enhancement, protection, maintenance, repair of concrete based assets in Tasmania.

An extensive skills capability developed over some 40 years and continuous research into best practice and new developments with our supply partners allows us to address the wide range of challenges our clients have whether new build or recovery of old assets. 

Capabilities include enhancing strength of bridges, wharfs, buildings with carbon fibre or stainless steel (hidden anchoring). Concrete structural repair and long term protection. Stopping water ingress through polyurethane injection in tunnels, dams, retaining walls. Applying technical coatings to structures including anti microbial, fire resist, and sound deadening insulation.

Waterproofing roofs, decks, internal wet areas and retaining walls. Cement based, epoxy and urethane floor finishes to meet demanding factory and process environments or floor finishes that meet feature aesthetic requirement of the commercial and retail sector. And much more.

Our specialist technicians will deliver these services with the guarantee that we aim to ensure long term client satisfaction.